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King ‘Amoghvarsha’ of Rashtrakutas developed this city, originally the native place of the Rashtrakutas. Latur city has the famous ‘Ganj Golai’ as the central place of the city. The town planner Shri Faiyajuddin prepared the plan for the ‘Ganjgolai Chowk’. The main building of the Golai is a huge two-storeyed structure which was constructed around the year 1917. In the middle of the circular structure is the temple of Goddess Ambabai. There are 16 roads connecting to this Golai and along these roads are separate markets selling all kinds of traditional localware such as gold ornaments to footwears and food items from chilli to jaggery.. Thus, the ‘Ganj Golai’ has become the main commercial and trade centre of this city.

The Latur city has the beautiful Siddheswar temple built by King Tamradwaj. The temples of Ramlingeswar, Bhuteswar, Keshavraj, Ram, Dutta add to the ancient cultural heritage of the city. The Darga of Surat Shahvalli and temples of Astavinayak and Parshavanath also deserve mention as the beautiful monuments of the city. In the year 1881 Lokmanya Tilak started a ginning and pressing factory at Latur. The development of Latur city received a boost after 1982 when it was declared as the district Headquarters. The growth of industries through the medium of Maharashtra Industries Development Corporation has been a boon for Latur.

As a part of the infra-structure development, an air strip is also constructed and maintained by the MIDC at Latur. Latur is an important center of trade and commerce as it is well connected by railway and road network. Latur City is connected by railway. Direct railway available from Latur to Mumbai and Hyderabad.  An air strip is also constructed 12 kms from Latur along the Latur- Barshi road, which is maintained by the MIDC at Latur.

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History of latur

Latur district has an ancient historical background. The King ‘Amoghvarsha’ of Rashtrakutas developed the Latur city, originally the native place of the Rashtrakutas. The Rashtrakutas who succeeded the Chalukyas of Badami in 753 A.D called themselves the residents of Lattalur.


The Latur District is in the south-eastern part of the Maharashtra state. Latur town is situated on the 18.7° latitude and 73.25° longitude. The district is situated on the Maharashtra Karnataka boundary.

Around Latur

There are a lot of more beautiful places to visit around Latur like Udgir Fort, Kharosa Caves, Ausa Fort, Vrindavan Water Park and many more.

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