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History of Latur

Latur district has an ancient historical background. The King ‘Amoghvarsha’ of Rashtrakutas developed the Latur city, originally the native place of the Rashtrakutas. The Rashtrakutas who succeeded the Chalukyas of Badami in 753 A.D called themselves the residents of Lattalur.LATUR is a district in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra.

Prior to formation of Maharashtra State, three talukas of the erstwhile Osmanabad District namely Udgir, Ahmadpur and Nilanga were the part of Bidar District in Karnataka. Latur district was carved out of the Osmanabad district on 16-8-1982. The new district was constituted of Ausa, Ahmedpur, Latur, Udgir and Nilanga Talukas of the Osmanabad district. 43 villages from Renapur circle in Ambajogai Taluka, Beed district were also incorporated in the Latur district. Two new Talukas of Renapur and Chakur came into existence on 15-8-1992 by reorganisation of the original 5 Talukas of the Latur district. Finally the number of Talukas within the district rose to ten with another reorganisation that took place on 23-6-1999. Today Latur district has ten Talukas namely: Ausa, Latur, Renapur, in the Latur subdivision and Udgir, Chakur, Ahmedpur, Nilanga, Shirur Anantpal, Devani and Jalkot Talukas in the Udgir subdivision.

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