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Udgir is one of the most important towns of Latur district. Udgir has a great historical significance. It has witnessed the war between the Marathas and the Nizam of Hyderabad which took place in 1761. The Marathas led by Sadashivrao Bhau defeated the Nizam and the treaty of Udgir was signed. The fort of Udgir stands in all its glory speaking volumes about the Indian history and Indian culture. The fort is bounded by a 40 feet deep trench as the fort is built at the ground level. In the fort are several palaces Durbar halls and most importantly the Samadhi of Udaygir Maharaj which is 60 feet under the normal ground level. This is a place of great reverence to the people of the region. The fort has some rare inscriptions written in Arabic and Persian. Today the town is an important commercial centre. It is a taluka and also the subdivisional Headquarters. The cattle market of Udgir has been famous mainly on account of the Devani breed of Bull which is not merely a graceful herbivore but equally efficient friend of the farmer.


This is a taluka headquarter, just 20 kms away from Latur. Ausa also has a old historical fort which today is in ruins. The pace has a huge temple of Virnath Maharaj, built by his son Mallinath Maharaj about 300 years ago..


is a small village 45 kilometres from Latur city. The place is well known for its caves. The beautiful sculptures of Narsinha, Shiv Parvati, Kartikeya, Ravan are the example of the cultural heritage of this land. According to the historians these caves were built in the 6th century during the Gupta period.


this is a beautiful place near Udgir. On a small hill is the Samadhi of Gangaram Maharaj. The place is also famous for cave carvings. The place has given birth to several freedom fighters who lost their lives in the Hyderabad freedom struggle.

Water Park & Amusement Park At Chakur, Latur
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